By “Grace”

Dear WP family, I am excited to announce that my fellow sister in Christ has started her very own blog Gracefullyblessed. Not only am I  gracefully blessed to know her, but I am just in awe in what God has done with her life and what He continues to do through her.

Here’s an excerpt from her introductory post Lifechanger:

“I grew up in a pretty rough neighborhood. Surrounded by thugs, gangs, prostitutes, drugs, etc. there was definitely no room for religion in this acquired lifestyle- or survival. I ‘grew up’ in a church however; I only remember attending church on special occasions (maybe twice a year ex. Christmas and Easter). Baptized at the tender age of 9 because I wanted to be saved, and yet I was able to live 23 years of my life not knowing that baptism doesn’t save you…”(read more, 220 words)

Please give her a warm WP welcome….and Enjoy!



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