Seeing the Rainbow

rainbow storm

Hello my WP family….I know it’s been awhile, but I wanted to check in and let you all know that the rain is finally subsiding.  In other words, things are going alright with me–well actually, more-than-alright with me—at least now they are…I’ve been experiencing some major life changes within the past few weeks.  Those who have been following my blog for awhile know that 2013 hasn’t been the kindest to me—ok, that’s an understatement.  To be honest, the beginning of this year has been particularly difficult because I’ve found that the issues I’ve been dealing with I could not share with anyone.  I’ve tried to share part of my turmoil only to find that others either don’t understand, judge me based on what I’ve shared, or needed the full story to begun to grasp what was going on–and no way was I risking that.  It’s just one of those seasons when you can only talk to God, because only He knows the whole story and why things really bother you.

But within the past few weeks, God has shown me why I was going through what I went through…after months of asking, “Why me, why this, & why now?”  I’ve endured some serious attacks that led to major failures in the test of faith.  In addition, some of the people I counted on the most have disappointed me the most or left me hanging.  In the meanwhile, I’ve received encouragement from the most random people….unsought but much needed advice in the timeliest manner…and realized how faithful and understanding two friends were about my situation, as well as my disappearing acts, when I tried to downplay how much things were affecting me.

Through it all, I’ve learned to 1) take matters to God because only He hears me and He definitely answers….2) appreciate what He provides and whom He sends…. and 3) trust Him when things or people are removed.  I don’t understand God’s ways and He doesn’t have to reveal them to me, but I thank Him for allowing me to see His rainbow.


“Rainbow” by Vickie Winans


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7 thoughts on “Seeing the Rainbow

  1. I am so glad you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Whenever you go through a storm, ask God for confirmations. He will give them to you because one thing He desires is for us to understand and to have faith to depend on Him to bring us through. He is not a God of confusion but the God of order and clarity. Also, next time, remember, I am here for you when you need to talk. I do not judge nor blame. God has taught me a few years ago how to see everyone through His eyes of love and grace. Praise God that He upholds us and carries us through the storms of life. God bless you, Nir. Love ya!

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