♫ “Strong God”♫

I had to share this amazing song because this song is the theme song of my 2013…And in no way could I understand this song without my faith being tested and my weaknesses being revealed to me through the course of this year.  But even more amazing is how God has shown Himself in such a season [2 Corinth. 12:6-10]

“STRONG GOD” by New Life Worship

Featuring Jon Egan
Written by: Jon Egan, Jason Ingram & Meredith Andrews

Father to the fatherless
Defender of the weak
Freedom for the prisoner
We sing

This is God in His holy place
This is God clothed in love and strength

Sing out
Lift your voice and cry out
Awesome is our strong God
Mighty is our God

With us in the wilderness
Faithful to provide
Every breath and every step
We see

There is no higher no-oo-ooo
There is no greater no-oo-ooo
There is none stronger than our God

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