Spiritual Lessons from the Human Body

We are uniquely designed by God and because of this, our human body testifies of certain spiritual truths.  I want to do a study called Spiritual Lessons from the Human Body but I am still unpacking the Nature’s Lessons about God.  However, I ran across this great message called “The Great Deception” by Jim Staley, and thankfully, this subject has already been tackled.

The above 3-minute trailer was for Part 1 (full video available on Youtube)–which focuses on outside energies that influences us.  This message was very informative.  Yet, Part 2 unpacks this subject even more and focuses on our inner self–the soul and how God and the enemy communicates with us. This one was an eye-opener!  The following quote comes from “The Great Deception” pt. 2:

“Your very body is teaching you how to interact with your creator and you don’t even know it” ~J. Staley

I highly recommend listening to Part 2 below (if you don’t get around to both parts):


Some of the topics covered in Part 2 *Explanation of body, soul, & spirit *How God communicates with man versus how the enemy communicates with man *How the inner-workings of the body communicates spiritual truths, and much more

I hope it blesses you!


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