When People Hurt You…

It’s the moment you realized you’ve shared too much…or when you realized you were too naïve…or maybe even worse, willingly put yourself in that situation.

With the way this year has been going, I’ve been attacked from so many angles to the point I feel like telling people to take a number.  Yet the irony of the situation is, it took yeaaaars for God to bring me to the point of softening my heart that I know I can’t go back to the stone one I had.  Thank God, when I take my pain to Him–and only when I take my pain to Him–I’m reminded not to get bitter and not to look at the people who hurt me because I am guilty of no less offenses towards God and others.  Just be glad that the Lord will let you know and will not leave His children naive for too long—but yes, chastisement will be involved.  So when it gets to the point of jabs coming from every direction, I just have to say, “Lord, whatever it takes to bring me to where I need to be” because one day, it will be worth it, and one day it will be safe.


 “Don’t Stop the Madness” by Tenth Avenue North

6 thoughts on “When People Hurt You…

  1. Right on time again, Nir. This was great! B/c I too have recently been hurt and I keep saying out loud that I’m going back to the stone cold heart felt Shar, but something inside me isn’t allowing it to happen. Thanks for the advice/words: I needed it.

    • You’re welcome, Shar! I am glad to hear that this was “right on time” and most importantly that the Holy Spirit would not allow you to revert back to stone-coldness. I pray that the Lord heals you in your situation so that you can continue to show God’s love. I am so encouraged by my situation speaking to yours…thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  2. Awesome! I am so glad that you are so transparent and willing to share your experiences with others. That’s what it is all about–encouraging one another. God bless you in your ministry.

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