12 am….I was lying in my bed, trying to fall asleep. No TV blaring….and no light shone through my window. The room was pitch black. Still & quiet. Then it came. A strong wind from the opposite corner of the room blew past my head. Then a stronger wind from the other direction blew off my cover. I heard the thunder roll. I felt the rain, but it was too dark and I couldn’t see. I tried to cover my head but the rain kept falling on my face. Then I turned face down into the pillow until my pillow was drenched. Lightning flashed and then a sharp thunder cracked, which made me jump up just to feel the rain, wind, and water again until I couldn’t breathe. Then I heard a voice: “Peace, be still.” The wind stopped, calmness came over me…and the rain rolled off my cheeks. A light shone through my window. When I looked around my room and everything was still. I turned my pillow over, got under my cover, and went to sleep.
It rained for 40 minutes.

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